Thursday, January 1, 2009

Is there such a thing as a "cyberchondriac"?

You'd damn well better be worried if you make all sorts of grammar and spelling errors on the web. There's this bitch out there named The Grammarphile, and I hear she likes to mock those types of errors. Mercilessly. And publicly. And cattily. She's wicked like that.

It's the new year--why not add "joining the Red Pen revolution" to your list of resolutions? If you see a grammar/spelling/punctuation error, send it to Pretty please? With a semicolon on top? :)


Brian said...

“Does let the web make you sick with worry?”

I don't let the web make me sick. No Worries.

Sometimes good health just depends on your ability to turn a good phrase.


Ha! ...And your ability to use decent grammar, too. :)

LOL Cat Robot said...

I does not let the web makes me sick with worries. Is the internets that scarez meh - srsly!


Oh HAI, LOLcat Robot!