Friday, January 9, 2009

Even the losers get misapostrophized sometimes...

PAT says: "Unfortunately, not every blog can be as sophisticated and educated as FanIQ. It's a damn shame. Normally I wouldn't put them out there like that, but they're talking shit about my Celtics. That's unacceptable."

I understand completely. I know I've Red Penned certain websites whose authors trash-talk my beloved Phillies. (Those authors deserved it, the bastards.) So I can't blame Pat one bit for Red Penning these guys. Bloggers, here's your lesson for the day: Beware folks with good grammar sensibilities and whose teams you've just scorned, kiddos. Sooner or later you're gonna misplace an apostrophe or misspell a word, and then you become blog fodder. ;)

Thanks to PAT for sending in this one. PAT's blog at FanIQ is quite cool, and it's free of "loser's" go check it out!


sinisterdan said...

This makes me weird(er), but whenever I see a misappropriated apostrophe, I like to read the sentence as it would be read if the possessive contraction weren't there.

" We Sell Winter Tire's" becomes, "We Sell Winter Tire Is"

Without fail, this makes me laugh.

Also, I just noticed that I was in your blogroll, I have returned the favor.


Wow, Dan--I thought I was the only one who did that! Phew. Now at least I know I'm not all alone in my weirdness. I especially like the misappropriated apostrophes that make it look as if the misapostrophized word is in possession of something when it's really not. I'll see sentences like "Come see the Met's take on the Phillies" and I'll be all like, "Come see the Mets' WHAT take on the Phillies?", and I'll laugh. A lot.

Thanks so much for the blogroll love!

ChicagoLady said...

I always try to watch my contractions, especially with the possessive form. There's nothing worse than ruining a sentence with an incorrect apostrophe. Is misapostrophized even a word? I'll have to go look that one up.


"Misapostrophize" is a word invented by yours truly. ;) You will only find it in the Grammarphile Dictionary...whic has yet to be published. (That dictionary exists only in my head!)

Brian said...

I have all life entities beat when it comes to being called out on misswhatevering it is you said...

I give up.

Anyway, I have a habit of typing way too fast in e-mail form. It's so I don't lose my thought. Then I go back and proof before sending.

Most times.

Trying to beat the cut, I didn't proof and sent out my witty, ass-kicking comment, and waited.

And sure enough, it showed up. Much to my horror, just as I had written it, splashed across the screen at FOX news, AND Tony Snow pointing out my mistake, AND using my name.

(Dancing Girl's when it should have been Dancing Girls.)

Thanks Tone. You Da Man.

I can't say anything bad about him. Hate FOX, but he was a good guy and always cool to talk with.

Still doesn't mean I wouldn't kick him in the shin if I could.


From the way you talk, it sounds like you have/used to have a job that's cooler than even some of my former jobs. And I thought being on the radio was pretty damn cool. I'm jealous (of your experience--not of your apostrophe error).

LadyStyx said...

I'm alot like Brian and tend to type things out fast so the ol' brain doesn't get sidetracked. Posting without proofing, yeah that would be me.*When* I DO proof my own work I always read it like sinisterdan does, just to make certain that I have it correct. Top things all off, I tend to type pretty much the way I talk which means you'd have a blast dissecting my entries. Oh, and I also tend to forget to use apostrophes in the first place. I usually just keep going and do without them. Ah well. At least I'm not writing professionally.

*sneaks an "h" up into the author's response to Chicagolady*

*proof reads comment 10 times to be sure there isn't a typo in the comment before hitting PUBLISH*


Hi, LadyStyx! :) Yeah, I type the way I talk, too. Sometimes I have to go back and proof my sentences to take out the retarded bits that I'd say in conversation but never in writing.

Don't worry, I have a "no-dissect" policy on the blog entries of friendly readers like yourself. (You wouldn't believe the number of e-mails I get from readers kind enough to submit things to RPI, but who also ask me to not Red Pen their e-mail/blog/writing. Rest assured, I may be slightly evil, but I'm not a bitch! :)

Thanks for the "h"; even smart-ass Grammarphiles aren't perfect all the time! ;)

Brian said...

"I'm jealous (of your experience--not of your apostrophe error)."

You know. If you and that wonderful brain of yours get any more adorable, I'm going to name a bunny after you.

It's such a refreshing change to have a Woman, the second time she talks to me, say something besides: "People know where I am. They'll notice if I'm missing."


A bunny? Hmmm. If somebody wanted to name an animal after me, I hope it would be a ring-tailed lemur. Why? Because they're the cutest creatures on the planet, and because I'm a slightly offbeat kinda girl! :)