Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Repo sucks--and so does your spelling.

You know what else is painful? The freakin' TON of misspellings in this tiny little blurb! Ugh. Have those Yahoos who can't spell very well infiltrated AOL, too?


EVula said...

Whoa, does this one get an award for the sheer density of the issues? Of 22 words, three of them are typos, plus there should be an ending period (if it wasn't a complete sentence, I could forgive it), and (in my opinion) there should be a comma after "motorist."



Yeah, I agree with you that I think this would be written better with a comma after "motorist" and some end punctuation. I temporarily overlooked those little snafus because I was so horrified by all the misspellings! :) And you're right--the percentage of this blurb that is erroneous is pretty appalling, isn't it?