Monday, December 29, 2008

MISSPELLING MONDAY for December 29, 2008 (1 of 2)

Despite the fact that usually, when you're eligible to do something, it does have something to do with the word able--as in, able to be chosen, able to qualify, etc--the word able is not actually found in the word eligible. Unless you're browsing MySpace ads--in which case, lord only knows what sort of crazy words and spellings you might find!

Gracias to PAT for spotting this one!


Carlos said...

Hopefully, some of that $12K will be spent on an intensive spelling class!


We can only hope!

Brian said...

“Thousands$$” Is that what it sounds like when snakes say it?


I just got a visual of Kaa (from the Disney cartoon version of *The Jungle Book*) when I read this comment! :)

Brian said...

Oh Man,

You are so right about that. I had completely forgotten about JB.

As soon as I read that, the picture popped right into my head like I had watched it last night.

I loved that snake.

I love your site by the way. I'll add you to my link list today on both my blogs.

And yes, I'm StarsOnly. I screwed up on those other replies.


I used to have a gigantic stuffed Kaa! I loved that snake, too. :)

Thanks for the kind words, Brian! I'm gonna go check out your blogs tonight. :)