Sunday, December 21, 2008

He did WHAT in one game...?

So when PAT sent me this picture, I had to ask him to clarify exactly what the mistake was. I'm pretty good when it comes to knowing about baseball, but I'm a total moron when it comes to football. So I had to ask him--is the error that the article says he got 500 receptions *in a game* (when it really should have been *in his career*)?

Luckily, I was on the right track. PAT said, "Yes, it definitely should have been "in his career". The record for receptions in one game is 20, and even that is ridiculous. The season record is 143. 500 in a game would be absurdly impossible."

I'm glad somebody around here knows a little somethin' about football...'cause I sure as hell don't. (If football players were even half as cute as baseball players, perhaps I'd know. But they're not, so I don't. So there.)

Thanks, PAT--not only for sending in this picture, but also for your football knowledge! Wanna read more sports-related stuff? Go check out where PAT blogs, dammit. He writes some good stuff!


Anonymous said...

Syntactically, the article might be missing a qualified interjection or two, but the sentence does make sense. It was during Sunday's game that the athlete made history, by having attained ## rushing yards and ## receptions overall. I agree that the ambiguity could easily have been avoided, but it is only sports writing ::snort:: I'm kidding. Seriously. :)

Patrick said...

Sports writing is the highest form of the written word. You watch your mouth, Anonymous!