Friday, December 5, 2008

FOODIE FRIDAY for December 5, 2008

Today's Foodie Friday is a clusterfuck (or is that crusterfuck?) of errors sent in by two of my favorite bloggers! This first one comes from the one and only BROOKLYN BOY--he spotted this little gem at a diner. The picture he sent contains a combination of weird capitalization, random word splittage, and awkward-sounding writing...

(Now that I've just looked at this picture again, I've noticed an astonishing lack of proper punctuation in the final few sentences. Yikes.)

Although diner food is very filling, you certainly don't want to forget about dessert! How about some ice cream?

PAT, can you tell me what chocorate ice cream tastes like? (Hey, it's a legitimate question--I'm allergic to cream and can't have ice cream...not even in deliciously Engrishy flavors like chocorate!)

Thanks to PAT and THE BROOKLYN BOY, two super-awesome bloggers (broggers?) for these fantastic Foodie Friday pictures!


The Punctuator said...

Did you notice the "throughtout" in diner notice?


Good eye, Punctuator. How the HELL did I miss that?