Friday, December 26, 2008

FOODIE FRIDAY for December 26, 2008

I'm sure you're stuffed from your Christmas feasts yesterday, but rest assured, you don't actually have to eat anything for Foodie Friday--you've just gotta look at the pictures. Cool?

This one comes from JOHN ROACH. Holy shit, did he ever find a crazy, misspelling-laden menu! What the hell is "Southerin Seasonin"? (I'm guessing they mean Southern Seasoning, or Southern Seasonin', or maybe they just decided to write it exactly like how they pronounce it...?) They also seem to have a tendency to drop the "-ed" off of words (like mashed and steamed), and when the hell did peaches become vegetables?If you're still hungry for dessert, KENNY suggests giving one of these pastries a try... (And even though these pastries are tainted by a misspelling, they still look yummy, don't they?)

Happy Friday, everyone! And thanks again to JOHN and KENNY for the FOODIE FRIDAY spelling snafus!


JD said...

'Mash potatoes' is a pretty common variant here in the UK. See


JD, I believe you that that's a common phrasing in the the US, though, we usually refer to them as *mashed* potatoes. Or at least that's technically how we're supposed to refer to them (has "mash potatoes" caught on as an abbreviated form of "mashed potatoes" here and I'm just not aware?). Unless the person who's talking about said potatoes is from the South, and then sometimes they just spell*differently*. ;)