Thursday, December 11, 2008

Craigslist = breeding ground for crappy writing.

Shouldn't they be more concerned with hiring an editor, not a writer? They've obviously got someone who knows how to write (albeit not all that well) for the web...but really, they need someone who can edit that writer!

Thanks so much to LAURA for spotting this one!


Brad Seraphin said...

Was hoping you'd take a closer look @

EVula said...

What a fantastic way to sell yourself!

They might have better luck with "I is gud at teh writingz." At least then someone would think the grammar rape was humorous... well, someone other than us, that is.


@ Brad: Do I dare look at the grammar on that site? Or is it gonna make me cry?


@ EVula: They're only allowed to write like LOLcats if they're as cute and cuddly as LOLcats. And I'm betting that's not the case here! (BTW, the term "grammar rape" is quite accurate. Good phrasing!)