Sunday, November 23, 2008

WEEKEND ROUND-UP, November 21-23

It was a relatively low-key weekend for me, since I really just don't know what to do with myself now that baseball's over. For a few weeks now, I've been mourning the lack of pinstriped cuteness I find when I turn on the TV. Sigh. But luckily, just because it's the Phillies' offseason doesn't mean there's nothing sports-related going on (although *sniffle* sometimes that's what it feels like to me)...

Since it's the baseball offseason, trades and such are happening. You know what else is happening? Homonym errors. Typos, too! Behold:

(Thanks to TIM at THE SPORTS HERNIA for this one!)

There's this other sport called football, and I'm finding out that sometimes there are spelling-related foul-ups in football stories just like there are in baseball-related stories!

(Thanks to PAT at for this one!)

In other news, here are a couple fun, interesting articles to check out:

* A New York Times book review on Alphabet Juice, which looks a fascinating read

* For those of you who abhor apostrophe errors, you'll like this article (Thanks, LIEBCHEN, for spotting this one!)

Ugh. Is it really Monday tomorrow? I love my job, but this week I just don't wanna go there. Can't I just skip right to the turkey/stuffing/pumpkin pie-eating day and the latter part of the week when I get to go home to Philly to visit with my family and my friends from college? Pleeeeeease?


Hall Monitor said...

Nice blog.


Thanks! I dig your Detention Slip blog! :)