Saturday, November 8, 2008

WEEKEND ROUND-UP, 11/7/08-11/09/08

First: If you're new here and you've found me through my Waxing Off writings at, hello and welcome! Thank you for your praise, phone numbers and offers to engage in X-rated videos with me. Y'all make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Welcome to my snarky little place on the web. Stick around for a while, laugh at some stupid grammar, and enjoy yourselves!

For those of you who haven't come over here from Deadspin and want to know what all that fuss was about, I often contribute to's weekly Waxing Off feature. My post this time around was about playing a baseball-related trick on an ex-boyfriend...which resulted in my discovery of some of his internet porn. My post is a hell of a lot funnier than that description of it, so click here to go read it. You'll like it. Unless you are that ex-boyfriend that I which case, you might not find it so amusing.

Bad grammar in speech: Click here to check out this amusing post over at The Sports Hernia. Oh, if only there could be a backspace button on people's mouths so that they could take back their awful spoken grammar mistakes... (And if I hear any of you kids around here sayin' shit like this, you're a'gonna get hitted, too.)

Newsflash: Even the folks over at The New York Times make grammar mistakes and other similarly appalling errors. Click here to check out "The After Deadline Quiz" and see if you can find the problems in these passages! (Thanks to KEITH for this link!)

Okay, everyone, enjoy your weekend! I'm off to first find a way to get all the glitter out of my bed (an experiment with spraying Sephora's glitter spray in my hair gone horribly wrong, seeing as how it looks like my bed was attacked by a fleet of pixies), and then go shopping. There are no more World Series games to watch...and no more baseball to watch at all for the next few months. Shopping's my last remaining vice, you guys! Sigh.


The Punctuator said...

Man, I suck. I only caught a couple of those mistakes in that Times error quiz.


I didn't catch 'em all, either. Some of them were tricky! :)