Sunday, November 2, 2008

WEEKEND ROUND-UP, 10/31-11/2

It's the first installment of the RED PEN, INC. weekend round-up, where there's a little less talk of grammar and a little more talk of everything else.

* First up, some links to good writing. Perhaps I'm biased, but this is good stuff, you guys. I've been added to the roster of chickies who write for the Waxing Off feature on I'm the third one down on each installment of Waxing Off. Just look for the posts by Nikki--those are mine!

This week's Waxing Off post: Intolerable Ballpark Abuse Featuring Drunkenness, Assault, and the Cutting Insults of Von Hayes

And last week's Waxing Off post: Springtime for Lou Holtz...ESPN, Double Standards, and You

* Here's a link to something's amusing how things get lost in translation sometimes. (Thanks to JOHN for finding this article!)

* Those of you who hate baseball must be relieved that I've finally shut up about it on this site. But if you're someone who misses my baseball musings, head over to The BILF Report. Just because baseball doesn't start back up again for another few months doesn't mean that there's nothing to discuss--there's plenty to discuss, including trade rumors, second basemen engaging in jubilant cussing in public, and whose ass looks nicest in pinstripes. Baseball facts and baseball fluff, indeed.

* How was everyone's Halloween? Wearing my devil horns to work was amusing. I got devil-related comments all day long. The funniest one: "Well, you're looking pretty horny today!" The best part is that that comment came from a good friend at work who's about the age of my grandfather. Who says older folks don't have a good sense of humor?

* And finally, I've been tagged by MAGGIE to talk about 6 random things about myself. And they are:

1. I have always wanted a ring-tailed lemur for a pet.

2. I don't think a day has gone by since the late '90s where my fingernails and toenails were bare and not painted. I like having color on my fingers and toes. That being said, I don't like nail salons and have never (and WILL never) have acrylics *shudder* put on or have anything done to my nails besides a basic manicure.

3. In my lifetime, I have managed to insult Sean Lennon to his face, be labeled the coolest girl in the world by 2/3 of Green Day, get kissed (on the cheek! nothing wild!) by G. Love, talk baseball with Allister (my favorite band that nobody else has heard of), illegally provide alcohol to members of Sum 41, and have had Beck compliment my Halloween costume.

4. I have exactly 71 pairs of shoes in my closet, and only 20 of them are closed-toed. The rest are all open-toed, and most of them have heels taller than 3".

5. My favorite book ever is Hannibal. Not surprisingly, my favorite character in all of literature is Hannibal Lecter.

6. I'm out of my mind with worry right now because someone close and special to me seems to have disappeared and is refusing to answer calls/texts/e-mails/anything from a lot of people, and because of The Way He Is, I can't help but fear the worst, or at least something really, really bad. And I'm not a worrywart--I don't worry like this unless I have a good reason to believe that something bad has happened. And I do have reasons to believe that. I'm agnostic, so I don't pray, and even if I wasn't, I wouldn't pray for him anyway because he lost faith in God a long, long time ago. But I'm trying desperately to hope for the best and send good, healthy thoughts this person's way. If you have a moment, I hope you'll do the same. If you have any positive energy to spare, please send out a little for this person.

(Note: I've just found out that he's safe.)

And now I'm pickin' a few bloggers to tag:

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* Coming up on Red Pen, Inc.: Be on the lookout for some Election-Day related posts! I hope all of you plan to vote on Tuesday, November 4!


Becky said...

Thanks for the tag. I'll answer the questions here, though because I try to keep A.C. just about punctuation.

1. I became a professional writer at age 15 when I started writing freelance sports articles for my local paper.

2. I am voting for Barack Obama tomorrow and taking the day off from work to do some phone banking.

3. I was the only girl on my baseball teams from kindergarten through 4th grade. After that, I switched to softball.

4. I have gotten my hair cut at the same salon for my entire life. When I spent six months in London, I just didn't get a hair cut!

5. I have won three karaoke competitions.

6. Embarrassingly, my first CD was country music versions of Eagles songs.


Your answers made me smile, Becky! :) I'm jealous of your mad karaoke skills, by the way. And I, too, will be Baracking the vote tomorrow!