Monday, November 10, 2008

MISSPELLING MONDAY for November 10, 2008

Yeah, it's a little late in the day to be posting a Misspelling Monday. If you're over here on the east coast like I am, there are approximately 42 minutes of Monday left. But today's installment of Misspelling Monday is special! The above misspelling comes from MAGGIE, our resident GODDESS OF GOSSIP, and a little birdie (okay, I confess--it was Facebook) told me that today is her birthday! It's not only a Misspelling Monday post--it's also a Happy Birthday post!

Thanks, MAGGIE, for being a friend of Red Pen, Inc. and for all your entertaining contributions to this site. Have a wonderful birthday!


Maggie said...

Thank you!! I'm just happy to have someone to share my spelling- and grammar-related frustrations with!


You're quite welcome, Maggie! :) Hope you had a great birthday!