Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bathroom humor!

I'm not quite sure what a "bath bowl" is--I'm guessing it's something sink-like? (Does anybody have any better guesses?) Regardless, the Engrish on this is really cute. it says: "It is easy to use even an old person, a woman, and a small child!!" (All three of 'em at once? Hmmm...)

What I find even more amusing is the smaller picture to the left, which says "POINT!!" I'm still not exactly sure what the arrow's pointing at, but it must be something important, right?

Thanks to SHARON for sending in this picture!


Finchstalker said...

Oh wow. The "an old person, a woman, and a small child" part looks kind of like it's intended as a list of types of person for whom things must be very simple before they can easily understand/accomplish them.

If I'm interpreting that right, the misogyny is kind of hilarious and horrible at the same time.

The actual intention might be more clear if we knew what the actual product does, of course. ;)

Finchstalker said...

Oh, and I love the "POINT!!" too! I may have to steal the idea next time I put an arrow on something!


Hey, Finchstalker! Yeah, I really have no clue at all what this product does. For something so simple-looking, it's not simple at all to guess what its function is! :) And yeah, the "POINT!!" was awesome, wasn't it? A hell of a way to add emphasis to something, that's for sure!

Ru said...

A bath bowl is a feature of Japanese and Chinese life. :D It is rather like a portable sink. I saw people using them for dishes and laundry, but the primary function is for the bathroom. When I lived in Beijing I would use it to conserve water. You fill it up with warm water, take it into the bathroom, use it to wet your washcloth and soap to scrub yourself, then only turn the shower on to rinse, or just pour the bowl over yourself.

It's used much the same in Japan, where the main soaping and scrubbing is also done outside of the tub. It's also useful to carry your things into the bath, especially if you're going to a public bath, which is still a fairly common practice in Japan.

This article explains Japanese bathing procedures, which may make things clearer: http://www.essortment.com/all/howtotakejapa_rgho.htm

Ru said...

Oh, and the "point!" I think is because it has what appears to be an easy-grip handle, which would make it easier for small children and the elderly to use. XD


Ru, you're awesome! Thanks so much for the helpful explanations. I feel slightly less clueless now. :)