Saturday, October 11, 2008

Writing-related chaos (caos)?

When ARJEW first sent in this picture, he said: I'm a huge fan of your blog so imagine my joy when I finally saw this "its'" punctuation mistake I could send you. It's not the biggest error you'll find but considering it was made by a place that doesn't even believe in using an "h" in its name, it made the typo all the more appropriate.

But what Arjew didn't see at first is that this really was a very exciting mistake. It didn't just involve an apostrophe error. It contains a misspelling, too! (Look carefully at the word after the erroneously unapostrophized its. Notice anything wrong with it? It should actually read inaugural...)

And then, when I pointed out to Arjew that there were actually two mistakes in this flyer, he then pointed out a third one that I was too dense to notice! There should be a hyphen in hand crafted...but there isn't!

Thanks so much, ARJEW, for sending in this triple mistake! :)

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