Friday, October 3, 2008

WAW! (Tee-hee.)

Where the fuck do I even begin with this sign?

First: It looks like whoever created this sign went to the Perez Hilton School of Geography-Related Misspellings. Chili! Venczuela! Sweet baby Jesus.

Then there's stuff that should be hyphenated (3-way) and stuff that is hyphenated, but shouldn't be (week-end).

And then there's WAW! Is this some sort of bizarre acronym I don't know anything about, or did they mean to type WOW!?

Thanks to JEANETTE, my friend and sorority sister, for sending in this crazy sign!


EVula said...

Um, not only all that, but why are there scantily clad girls on the poster? I have no problem with them usually (being a straight male and all), but they seem really out of place... much like most of the hyphens, though, so perhaps it's just a theme they're going for.

Augusto said...

What is the significance of the list of countries anyway? Do they have store locations in those countries? Can the phones be used to call people in those countries? If so, why just those few? And considering the amateur nature of the ad, isn’t it surprising to see the word Gratis included?

Oh btw, my friends, the googles, tell me that waw has something to do with downloading ringtones to a cell phone.


I noticed that too, Evula. I wa sso distracted by all the other scewy stuff on the flyer that I forgot to mention the scantily clad girls in my post. Maybe they're trying to make you believe that if you buy one of their phones, those girls will be the kind of girls who call you on the new phone? I dunno--it seemed like a really odd thing to put on the flyer!


I agree, Augusto--the list of countries doesn't quite make sense, and "gratis" is really out of place with the rest of the wording on this flyer!

Ha! "The Googles"! Thanks for the heads-up on WAW. :)