Friday, October 3, 2008

Today's special: A double portion of misspellings!

I know, I know--I've been a little crappy about posting these past few days. But I have an excuse. The Phillies are in the playoffs! I've had baseball on the brain 24/7. I've been working sporadically on writing stuff for The BILF Report (it's the giggly, boy-crazy Jessica Wakefield to Red Pen Inc.'s smart, slightly geeky Elizabeth Wakefield). I've been clinching second place in my fantasy baseball league (yay, BILFs!). I've been busy wearing my brand-new Phillies NLDS shirt (thanks, Mama Grammarphile!), drooling over Cole Hamels, screaming at Brad Lidge (the end of playoff game 1? Totally fucking scary!), calling people up and squealing at them because this year--unlike last year--the Phillies have actually won games in the postseason, and have been making a complete nuisance of myself around Mets fans. It's been a fun few days watching the Phillies kick some butt and take some names.

And speaking of names and Phillies... Apparently catcher Carlos Ruiz's nickname is "Chooch." But poor Ruiz was recently the victim of a nickname-related typo... Click here to check out the amusing typo, found over at!

Anyway. Back to some non-baseball-related spelling mistakes. I love this sign (you know, the one at the top of this post, before the baseball ramblings). But I love the sign for all the wrong reasons, and I'm sad to say that even though the food looked good at this restaurant, I didn't dare to eat there. What if the misspellings are contagious? What if I ordered the shrimp casserole (or shirimp casorole, as they call it) and contracted a horrible bout of spellingitis? Eek!


Dave said...

The FDA recently put out a warning stating that anyone who was foolish enough to consume under or over cooked Shirimp Casorole would be at risk of developing Verbola or Grammarticulitis. Contracting these illnesses can result in (but is not limited to) a decrease in vocabulary, a preference for reading picture books, using adverbs incorrectly with random gerunds attached, and internal bleeding.


Good to know. Is it wrong that I find internal bleeding to be the *least scary* of those symptoms? :)