Thursday, October 30, 2008

Somebody's raising Cain by not using the right word...

Yes, I'm still giddy. Yes, I'm wearing red today in honor of my Phillies (4" red stiletto heels and the red shirt I was wearing last time I met Cole Hamels!). :) But now it's time to talk about another sport: FOOTBALL!

MOJOE sent in this picture, which was included in an article about former Bengals linebacker Reggie Williams. Certainly the picture's not funny--but the caption sure is! I looked up "cain" in the dictionary, and none of the dictionary's meanings seem to accurately describe the devices this man is using when he walks! Hmmm...I bet the writer meant to use the word canes...

Speaking of funny stuff and reference books, I saw this shirt on and thought I'd share it with you guys--your inner word nerd will dig it!

Gracias to MOJOE for this amusing picture!

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