Friday, October 17, 2008

Phillies-related error, 2 of 2

Where do I even begin? First, let's discuss this little apostrophe mistake. Unless he means Phil, a person--as opposed to the Phillies, the team--there shouldn't be an apostrophe there! Arrrghhh. (I do think it's cute that the author noted that some Phillies fans aren't that smart...and included himself in that category. While he's totally not stupid, it looks like he does need to brush up on his punctuation skills!)

But there are bigger fish to fry in this case. The article (on Deadspin, whose author got this juicy little tidbit from The 700 Level) goes on to say the following:

"On the XM RadioBaseball This Morning: Playoff Edition today, a caller from Delaware chimed in to share his joy for the Fightins. He may have just created the next great new catch phrase, saying, "Boston did it. The White Sox did it. Why can't us? Why can't us." 2008 Philadelphia Phillies: WHY CAN'T US!"

Oh, sweet baby Jesus. Why. Can't. US?!? Horrible. Just...freakin'...horrible. We Philadelphians already have some awful stereotypes. We're supposedly loud and stupid and fat and boo at everything. FYI: I'm 100 pounds, a Grammarphile, and I only boo the Mets. (See, not all stereotypes are true...) But if silly Phillies fans keep talkin' like this, then people really will believe we're all grammatically-challenged idiots. Sigh.

But never fear, Phillies--you're not the only sports team out there with a few moronic fans! Apparently the Jets fans find correctly spelling their own favorite football team's name to be quite the challenge...

Thanks to RYAN for the Jets picture!


Jon said...

I think Deadspin was technically correct. If an apostrophe indicates omitted letters, then it's possible that "Phil's" = "Phil(lie)s".


Hi, Jon! Thanks for commenting. :) I get your point, but it's typical for people to call the Phillies the Phils; that's a typical nickname for them. And Phils shouldn't come with an apostrophe on the end of it in this case (in this instance, it doesn't indicate possession).

I'd agree with this point if he had instead called them the Fightin's (of course, you need the apostrophe in Fightin', and even though in this sort of instance it would look wrong to write "Fightin's", I think technically, it would be correct). But he called them the Phils. I strongly feel that the best and clearest way for him to write that headline would have been sans apostrophe. Obviously there are many cases where an apostrophe is necessary due to omitted letters (don't, won't, can't, didn't, etc...), but I don't think this is one such case.

Becky said...

Chearly, they put up that sign in jest. (har har)


Haha! Nice pun, Becky. :)