Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm a cold-hearted grammar bitch tonight.

If the so-called glassware is made of ice, shouldn't they perhaps call it something besides glassware? (Iceware, maybe? Kidding...) By definition, glassware is articles made of glass. Not ice. Glass. You'd think this wouldn't be so complicated, but apparently it is. They could've referred to these as shotglasses made of ice (since shotglasses aren't always made of glass), but... Oh, hell, I'm a picky bitch tonight. I'm really freakin' cranky because game 5 of the World Series is in a rain delay, which should have been called WAY before it actually was called, and the late rain delay call resulted in the Rays sneaking in another run, which means the game is tied, the rain's not stopping, they'll probably have to finish it tomorrow and let the bullpens battle it out...and for the love of all that's holy, my Phillies had better WIN this thing (eventually).

Sigh. I'm gonna take my aggravated self and go mope now.

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