Thursday, October 16, 2008


You guys, I can't think about grammar tonight. I just can't. I'm entirely too hyper for that. The Phillies are going to the World Series for the first time since 1993! I've spent all night freaking out--screaming at the game, screaming at/texting/e-mailing/etc my friends and family once the game was over, and writing about all the excitement over at The BILF Report!

Since I really can't write coherently right now, here are a few pictures I'd like to share:

Me and Cole Hamels--tonight's star pitcher, series MVP, and BILF extraordinaire.

Me and the Flyin' Hawaiian, Shane Victorino, who was a totally awesome gigantic pain in the Dodgers' collective ass for the duration of this series. In this picture, he's signing my fantasy baseball team roster!

To Arjewtino: Your Dodgers were a tough team, and the Phillies are a better team for having played them. Thanks for keeping a sportsmanlike attitude! :)

To Becky from Apostrophe Catastrophes: How cool would it be if our teams met in the Series? (I'm not counting those Sox out yet!) :)

Ahhhh, baseball. I love it. I love my Phillies being in the Series. But man, does it ever make me homesick. Here I am in New York--and right now I just want to be in my hometown, celebrating the Phillies' victory with my parents, having a cheesesteak, running to Modell's to pick up a Phillies National League Championship T-shirt, and watching game highlights on Comcast SportsNet. It's kinda fun and unique to be pretty much the only Phillies fan out here in Mets territory (how have I not gotten my ass kicked out here yet?), but still--I'm a little homesick.

And on a more serious note, I'd like to take this moment to remember an old friend who grew up in the Philly suburbs just like I did, who died at the way-too-young age of 34 on this date in 2005. Were it not for David Fitzgerald Reilly, I'd never have worked in the music industry (which is where I worked for several years before taking my current job in publishing). It was a belief in David's talent and a love for his music that made me want to work on-air, in radio, and doing promotions. I credit him with the inspiration behind me getting into radio. To this day I still wish I'd let him know how grateful I have always been for his influence and friendship. As cliche as it sounds, if somebody means something to you, let 'em know--no matter how cheesy you think it may sound at the time. There are many days where I wish I could just say a simple thank you to him, and I wish more than anything that he was around to hear it. Rest in peace, David.

That's all for now, kiddos. I'll be back with more super-snarky grammar goodness tomorrow, I promise!


mama grammarphile said...

We wish you were here to celebrate with us, too, Nik. It just doesn't feel as sweet without you here. :)
What a nice tribute to David. I am sure he is in a better place, smiling.
Love you.

Becky said...

Congrats!! I am so happy for you! Yes, it would be exciting if our teams met in the World Series, but it's not looking so good for the Sox right now....

MoJoe said...

Congrats to your BILFs!


Thanks, Mom. Miss you guys. It's just not the same celebrating here with all these Mets fans underfoot. ;)


Thanks, Becky! Stay optimistic about the Sox. It's not like they haven't managed to pull off some wild and crazy comebacks before... :)


Thanks, MoJoe! I can't wait to watch my BILFs in the World Series! (It feels so strange--although in a very, very good way!--to be thinking about my team going to the Series this!)

Arjewtino said...

You guys played a great series and I tip my hat to you and your team. I read a lot of analysis the last couple of days over WHY we were in a 3-1 hole and the best line I read that cut through all the fluff was this: "the Phillies are just a better team".

Very true and I wish you luck in the WS. I think Tampa is going to be really tough to beat, they seem to be clicking on all cylinders right now. The Phillies need their lineup to be much more consistent and get to the young Tampa pitchers early to rattle them, kind of like what they did to Billingsley.


Thanks, Arjewtino. You guys played well, too (exceptions: Furcal, Billingsley) and made us step up our game. I don't think it was always a case of the Phillies being a better team, necessarily--a lot of it was timing. There were so many instances of key plays, both offensive and defensive, that to some degree seemed like miracles, haha. Playoff magic--gotta love it!

Indeed, if we're playing Tampa in the series, we need to step it up offensively. We need guys like Werth and Rollins to be getting on base more often than they did in the NLCS. We need to see Dobbs in the lineup more. We need Howard to hit like he did in last night's game, and we need to find a way to NOT start Jamie Moyer at any point during the series. And we need to keep hoping for even more magic this time around... :)