Friday, September 19, 2008

You'd be hard pressed to find one thing lately that doesn't make me think of hot baseball players. Seriously.

Wow. I was so busy laughing at this crazy headline that I almost--almost!--missed the misspelling. It should be megalomaniac, of course, not meglomaniac. And of course the first thing I think of when I think megalomaniac is the Incubus song with that name, which I just read is Greg "hottest pinch-hitter EVER" Dobbs' favorite "at bat" song, and it's a song that I love, too, which clearly means that, like, Greggie and I should be soulmates or something, right? Right.

Hey, we're in the thick of the playoff race here, you guys. You can't blame me for having baseball (aaaaaaand hot baseball players) on the brain so much! :)


Katharine O'Moore-Klopf said...

That is a ROFLMAO-worthy headline! But the misspelling takes some of the fun out of it. said...

But where's the article? I want to know about Tom's meglomaniacal religious tow-truck driving, and whether thetans help attach illegally-parked cars to his tow truck, and if Xenu sends him out on his holy tow-truck missions.

I mean, grammatical gaffes, punctuation problems, and spelling SNAFUs aside, give us the FACTS!


Heh. The article probably had no errors in it, so I didn't even bother posting it! ;)