Sunday, September 21, 2008

This one made me smile...

I'm gonna take it easy on this one because I suspect, from the way this is constructed, that it was written by someone who's not a native English speaker. So instead of being too critical, I'm gonna say kudos to this person for giving English a good try, smile at how sweet and awkward this sounds, and recommend that if you liked this post, you head over to one of my favorite websites,, where you can find more amusing mistakes like this one!
Thanks so much to SHARON for sending in this picture!


Anonymous said...

I think the main clue is the reversal of the month and day on the date at the end, which is common in European countries, at least. They seem to learn the language faster than those little nuances.
Otherwise, it would have been hard to tell.
Jeanne K.

Yosaki Yo Jimbo said...

This was probably written by an Asian woman, who has never touched the turn signal in her car haha