Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sometimes there's a perfectly acceptable excuse for making a typo.

No, I have not taken complete leave of my senses.

Yes, there really is a time and place when making a typo is acceptable, understandable, and not mockable (not even by snarky little me).

I'm The Grammarphile, and I've decided (because, of course, I totally have the authority to do so) that if something uber-exciting happens (like, for instance, the Phillies being the 2008 National League East Champions) and the writer is just so excited that he makes a typo while hurriedly finishing up a website posting about said uber-exciting thing, it's excusable.

Maybe I'm biased. Fine. I'll accept that. You know that if those dastardly Mets end up getting the Wild Card spot and one of the Mets writers makes a silly typo while writing about it, I'll crucify him on this site, but whatever. The Phillies are truly the amazin' ones, dammit, and so from now until the end of the Phillies' 2008 playoff run, I'm declaring Red Pen, Inc. amnesty toward writers of Phillies-related typos*.

I do love the typo I posted above, though. To make the sentence make sense, the writer should have used the word down, not own. But I kinda like the word own there, because for the second year in a row, the Phillies have owned the NL East!

Not only am I proud of my Phillies, but I'm proud of my BILFs--it looks like my fantasy team will be taking second place this year in my league! (Not bad for a girl who only started out picking cute players and whose first year it was doing fantasy baseball, huh?) And of course I'm proud of my Phillies who were on my BILFs fantasy team--Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, Jamie Moyer, and Shane Victorino--for doing well for the Phillies and my team. (It's nice to see that Cole Hamels more or less lived up to his promise about doing well for my BILFs!)

Congratulations to the 2008 National League East Champions--the Philadelphia Phillies! Let's hope they kick some ass in the playoffs. (On a side note: Let's go, Brewers! I'd much rather see them get the NL Wild Card this year than the Mets!)

* Unless, of course, said writers are talking smack on my Phillies. Then all hell's gonna break loose!

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