Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh, really? She *is*, huh?

I've heard a lot of stuff about Sarah Palin that I don't believe: that she sold her jet on eBay, that she never attempted to ban books, that she has enough experience to eventually become this country's president... But this one takes the cake. This caption indicates that Sarah Palin is Col. Edward Daly...when I believe the person right next to Sarah Palin is Daly. Sigh. A simple, stupid, careless error...much like those crazy apostrophe errors that seem to follow the McCains around... ;)


David said...

Hmmm....all we really know for sure is that she *is* a pit bull with lipstick.

Ya know, just having an IHOP in town doesn't really give someone a lot of international experience.


Most AWESOME comment EVER. I concur! Thanks, David! :)