Tuesday, September 2, 2008

MISSPELLING MONDAY for September 1, 2008 (2 of 2)

Yes, I know, it's Tuesday...and I'm posting Misspelling Monday today. That's because a) I'm Polish, and b) even the most dedicated Grammarphiles sometimes take a day off from mocking crappy writing to go to Labor Day cookouts. So there. But I'm back from my weekend-long hiatus now, so let the grammar mockery begin! Muahahaha...

This picture comes from MIKE at Ugly Food for an Ugly Dude. MIKE says: "After tireless searching, I found a grammar (er...spelling) error on this sign outside of the cafeteria at work (which is presumably operated by Dan Quayle). Mash potatoe and cream of potatoe soup!" Damn. I'd be afraid to eat something whose name is spelled so retardedly--I'd fear that the misspelling disease that attacked the name of the food might be contagious!

Thanks, MIKE, for sending in this amusing picture!

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