Friday, September 19, 2008

iScream. iHaveAHeadacheFromLookingAtThis. Another reason why iHate Apple.

So when MANDY sent me this picture, I sort of looked at it like, "What? What's wrong with this? Oooh, there's Beck...", and then tucked it away to look at again later. To be fair, I had hit my head pretty hard a few hours before. (No, it wasn't from falling while walking in 5-inch heels, which is the usual way I injure myself.) I stupidly walked into my kitchen wall in the dark at like 3 AM, which led to me having a very bruised and swollen nose, a lot of grogginess, a lot of crankiness, and not a whole lot of sleep that night. (Look, I'm a klutzy, 15% Polish, space cadet writer-type sorority girl. This kind of stuff happens to me.) So I wasn't exactly up to par when it came to dealing with bad grammar. That's the only explanation of why I could look at "funnest" and be like, "Yeah, that's perfectly OK. There are no problems with that at all. More Tylenol, please!"

Now that my nose is back to normal and I'm revisiting this picture, I'm cringing. Funnest? Funnest?!? OK, they must have done this on purpose, in some sort of whimsical or tongue-in-cheek way, but now that my head's not spinning, I cannot. Stand. Looking. At it. At least, not without wanting to scream. What makes it even worse is that "funnest" hovers dangerously close to a picture of Beck, my favorite musician ever, and that's just not right. Sigh.

Thanks to MANDY for sending in this picture! She goes after it with her red pen on her own blog--check it out here!


mandyannemurray said...

Dang! Three links in one post? Be still my heart! I am honored.


P.S. - I once got a black eye from hitting my head on a table while laughing too hard. Mine was karma-cly induced however; I had just been making fun of a friend.


Three well-deserved links! :) Glad to hear I'm not the only one who randomly hits her head on stuff.