Thursday, September 4, 2008

A big-ass punctuation snafu...

This is a great example of why punctuation's important, you guys--to differentiate a big ass break (is this what happens when a large ass gets broken? I thought every ass had a crack in it...?) from a big-ass break (where the term big-ass modifies the word break). It's a subtle difference, to be sure...but it's a hell of a difference, isn't it?

I'd like to give a big-ass THANK YOU to some of the super-cool sites/blogs who have recently started to link to Red Pen, Inc. If you're a new Red Pen, Inc. reader who just found this site via one of the links below--then hello, welcome, nice to meet ya! :)

* The Grammar Vandal and Apostrophe Catastrophes (I've linked directly to their posts about the hilarious misapostrophized McCain pen)

* Katharine O'Moore-Klopf's "KOK Edit" site--an excellent resource for copywriters

* Aramink's site (she's also amused by the misapostrophized McCain pen!)

* Humdoodle Network

* Jezebel's Rant

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Dr. Cheng Man Feng said...

A big ass break or a big ass break? I wonder if they meant a big ass break (as in a big broken ass), or a break (a short respite if you will) for some big ass? That changes the tone significantly....


That's an option I hadn't even thought of. Good one! :)

Aramink said...

Thanks for linking to my page!

And now, my big ass is going to take a break and read some more grammar blogs.

Wait. Did I say that right?


...and thank YOU for linking to MY site, too! :)

I think (hope!) it's more like you're gonna take a big-ass break to go read more grammar blogs...right? :)