Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An apostrophe error in the news...

This is a small error, but it's from a prominent news-related blog whose author surely should have known better. This error comes to us from the lovely ARAMINK, who says: "...my money says he corrects this problem shortly. However, I have a screen shot, which I'm attaching, complete with my "red pen" editorial correction. Like you, I find it compulsory to address such errors."

Kudos to ARAMINK for being a fellow crusader in the war on good grammar/proper punctuation and for being so clever as to snag a screen shot of the error so that if he fixed the error on his web site, we'd still have proof that the error existed! Muahahaha! :)


Aramink said...

He still hasn't corrected it. I left him a comment on the article that alerted him to the error, but evidently a single apostrophe, which ruined the entire article for me, is too trivial to be addressed.

Ah, well. Onward, Punctuators!


Wow--not only does he misapostrophize, but apparently he's lazy, too! You gave getting that apostrophe fixed your best shot, though. :)