Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When JEANNE first sent me this picture, I was a little confused. I didn't really get why this was so funny. This is because I had never heard of an anteroom, so I had to look it up; thanks to my BFF Merriam-Webster, I found out that an anteroom is "an outer room that leads to another room and that is often used as a waiting room."

Now that I actually understand it, this error is funny as hell. I asked JEANNE what she thought an "anti-room" is, and she suggested maybe it's one of those crazy scientific concepts, like anti-matter. I think she could be on to something!

Gracias to JEANNE for this one!


aramink said...

I'm against rooms, myself. They always need cleaning, and their dust bunnies attack me in ranks.

I hereby declare myself to be Anti-room. The door to the Anti-room meeting is that way.

Don't let the anti-room door hit you on the way out...


Ha! Aramink, I love your comments!