Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TO/TOO/TWO TUESDAY for August 5, 2008

You guys, I'm short on homonym errors these days. Can you believe it? (I sure as hell can't.) Here's a rather lame To/Too/Two Tuesday post. When I have nothing better to mock, I troll Craigslist in search of "writers" who think they can write well (but really don't write so well)... It's a your/you're mistake! Snore. This is officially a call for help finding homonym screw-ups...e-mail 'em to me at thegrammarphile@yahoo.com!

SHOUT-OUT: Hello to the fine folks who have found this site from a link over at GO Magazine! (Hey, Matt, thanks for the props! And don't worry, I haven't found any grammar snafus on the GO Magazine website...yet! :)

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