Friday, August 1, 2008

She was the victim of an apostrophe catastrophe...

Here's how to annoy the fuck out of a grammar enthusiast:

1. Write up a flyer that includes a blurb about said grammar enthusiast's business. Screw up the punctuation that should be in the business's name.

2. Just for fun, why not add some random capitalization?

3. Said grammar enthusiast sees the mistakes and asks you to fix them, and you pay no attention.

4. You publish your mistake-riddled piece of work, oblivious to the fact that said grammar enthusiast (who also happens to be a pottery expert) is really tempted to throw a gigantic ball of clay at your stupid head and knock you the hell out so that you can quit screwing up flyers.

This happened to my dear friend MEG, who runs The Mermaid's Wheel (note the properly placed apostrophe in the word Mermaid's), and, understandably, she was none too pleased. I can't blame her for feeling a little bit angry. Hell, if a similar situation had happened to me, the flyer-writer would still be trying to figure out a way to extract a 5-inch stiletto heel from his thick skull.

MEG doesn't like punctuation errors. MEG is sad. Go check out The Mermaid's Wheel and buy yourself some lovely pottery--that would make MEG smile!