Friday, August 15, 2008

Screwy sports-related writing and spelling!

Those damn Mets and their screwy grammar. Way to make this ad for a contest sound awkward! It might have sounded better had it been written something like "Enter for a chance to win a trip for 2 to see the Mets play Philadelphia on the road," or something like that. I think there are quite a few options that would have been better than what they actually wrote. But nooooo, they had to write it all screwily, because when they're not being annoying and tailing the Phillies by only a couple of games, they're out perpetuating awkward sentences (involving the Phillies) on the internet. Awesome.

Then again, Philadelphia is not immune to writing-related errors either, as it seems like sometimes people royally screw up the name of the city... (Is it really that hard to spell? Or do I just think it's easy to spell since that's where I grew up?) But at least this screwy error below has something to do with a Philadelphia sports team that isn't the Phillies. I get quite angry when people misspell Phillies-related stuff! The Phillies are a sacred topic for this little Grammarphile, you know? (Thanks to RYAN for spotting the spelling screw-ups in this picture!)


Editrix said...

Ugh. I honestly feel bad for whoever copyedited that "Philadephlia" piece. You KNOW he or she must have gotten chewed out for that. On the plus side, "Philadephlia" would make a good band name, particularly for a paying-homage-to-Boyz II Men sort of band.


Yeah, I'm sure that person is STILL hearing about that mistake! Haha, that *would* make a good name for that sort of band, though!