Thursday, August 28, 2008

One little letter makes a big, BIG difference...

We've all done it before (yes, even me...sometimes, especially me)--we've skipped over a letter while typing a word. Sometimes these types of omissions make words look really funny--often way more entertaining than the original, properly spelled versions!

Hehehe. "Buget"! This looks funny and, when I try to say it out loud, it sounds even funnier!

And then there's "hypcrisy," which just sounds nasty when you say it out loud. Not nasty-gross, but nasty-mean. This one looks funny, too, because there are so many consonants awkwardly hanging out together in the middle of the word--consonants you wouldn't normally see together. (Kudos to BRETT for finding this one!)

1 comment:

David said...

Perhaps it is the French version...much like Hyacinth Bucket in the BBC's "Keeping up appearances".

I get annoyed with myself for leaving the r off your but I often find examples to prove I'm not alone.