Monday, August 11, 2008

MISSPELLING MONDAY for August 11, 2008 (2 of 3)

There are two things about this handwritten sign that totally freak me out:

1) The word snatch. It's a gross-sounding word. And it's a weird-sounding word on this kind of sign. Wouldn't the word "take" have sounded less nasty here?

2) The "word" (and I use that term loosely) recipet. Here's the thing. I'm not usually particularly forgiving of typos, but if this were a typed sign, I could understand how receipt mistakenly turned into recipet. Sure, it would still look retarded, and I'd probably still make fun of it, but not to this extent. I'm going to make fun of it a lot because it's handwritten. How does this sort of error happen when you're hand-writing something? Transposing letters while typing is one thing, but transposing letters while hand-writing something is another issue entirely!

I took this picture at a local gas station. As soon as I was finished pumping my gas (during which time I had to stare at this crazy sign the whole time, blood boiling in my veins), I jumped back in the car, whipped out the camera, and snapped a quick picture. The dudes in the car with the very very loud subwoofer next to me looked at me like I was nuts. Perhaps I am nuts. But dammit, I'm not nuts enough to transpose letters while hand-writing a note. I think that counts for something, right?

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