Monday, August 25, 2008

It's no *secret* that they screwed up this store name pretty badly...

I don't claim to be an expert on tons of things, but I'm kind of an expert on underwear. Mainly because I have two gigantic drawers stuffed full of underwear...I go underwear shopping when I'm bored, just for the hell of it...I get excited weeks in advance about the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale (and then I go and buy wayyyyy too much stuff there)...yeah. I'm kind of an addict. I could probably not do laundry for 6 months and still have clean underwear left to wear. But I digress... I was appalled when I saw this screwy error--made not just once, but twice. How dare they screw up the store name Victoria's Secret? That store is a sacred place. It's a place of lacy, padded, see-through tranquility! It's a place whose name does not deserve to be screwed up. At. ALL! This is Vicky's, for crying out loud! (Yes, the store and I are on a first-name/nickname basis. Deal with it.) Arrrrrghh!

This silly error has stressed me out so much that I just might need some retail therapy. And guess which store I'm gonna go to for my therapy...? ;)

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