Saturday, August 9, 2008

FABULOUS GRAMMAR "FRIDAY" for August 8, 2008

OK, I know I'm kinda lying in the title of this post. It's Saturday. It's not Friday. But hey, I'm a partially-Polish sorority girl, and sometimes I get my days mixed, oops? It happens.

I was on the phone with Mama Grammarphile last night, who jokingly said, "What, no Red Pen posts today?", to which I replied, "With the nature of this Fabulous Grammar Friday, I had to eat before I wrote about it, and I haven't had dinner yet!" This is because the site I'm highlighting this week is the Hungry Girl website. I like this website because a) I'm a girl, b) I'm often hungry, and c) because I like to eat healthy stuff and stay thin. I love Hungry Girl's Chew the Right Thing feature, and looking at the pictures of the stuff Hungry Girl whips up and recommends makes me pretty freakin' ravenous. I also dig her Girls Bite Out feature (even though I think it should really be Girls' Bite Out--you know, with an apostrophe, playing on the term Girls' Night Out), with sensible tips on dining out in healthy ways. And aside from that little apostrophe thing I just mentioned, I've been SOL when it comes to finding any other grammatical snafus or bad writing on her site. The Hungry Girl website is fun, informative, and totally mouthwatering!

And on that note...I'm off to eat some dinner! :)

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