Friday, August 15, 2008


The author of this week's highlighted FABULOUS GRAMMAR FRIDAY site even sent in a funny picture of what happens when some moron making a sign doesn't know what the hell to do with a vowel (use an, not a, and pluralize stairs, you asshole!)...sigh. (This is purely a coincidence--he didn't know he was gonna be featured as my FGF entry.) This amusing picture comes from the one and only BRETT from Brett and his Typewriter. His is one of the most clever and most entertaining websites I've seen, and it's one of my favorite sites to visit when I have a few free minutes between drooling over hot baseball players and shopping for shoes I don't really need. Now, his website isn't completely free of grammar and spelling mistakes--I've spotted a few errors there on occasion--but his sense of humor and his exquisite vocabulary make up for those small mistakes. If you like smart, satirical, tongue-in-cheek humor, plus big words, Brett and his Typewriter is a must-visit site. And I'm not just sayin' that because he's a friend of mine, either. I'm saying it because his site is unique and well done.

Check out some of Brett's letters--I've highlighted a few of my favorites here:
* Brett writes (no joke) to Jesus Christ
* Brett writes to Mr. Joe's portable toilets
* Brett really didn't like the new Indiana Jones movie

Happy Friday, you guys!


Jon said...

I think the staircases could have been labeled A, B, etc. So the sign may actually say "Stair A[,] Exit Only"


Good thinkin', Jon--I hadn't even thought of that possibility!

BIll Eccles said...

I would have clarified it with some quotes around the "A," as in


(Now where the hell do I put the period for the above sentence?)



You're right, Bill--some quotes would have definitely helped that sign out! (And how about pluralizing "stair"? I highly doubt it's only ONE star...I bet it's a whole staircase... Ugh!)

Voyagerfan5761 said...

I'm pretty sure that sign is grammatically correct. Sure it could use quotation marks around the "A", but the same result could be effected by a box, underline, etc. "Stair" in this case is just an abbreviation of "Staircase".


Hey, voyagerfan! I dunno, shouldn't "an" (not "a") come before the word "exit"? (When I try to read the sign aloud with just an "a" before "exit," it sets my teeth on edge to hear what that sounds like, haha.)

Voyagerfan5761 said...

@THE GRAMMARPHILE: Yes, "an" should come before "exit", but only if the word where "a" is now is intended as an article. Right now it's an adjective (I think). Just quoting it or otherwise setting it off as being something more significant than an article would be sufficient, methinks.


Hiya, VF! Yeah, you're right on if this A is an adjective. :)