Friday, August 1, 2008


Yay--it's FABULOUS GRAMMAR FRIDAY! I'm quite excited that Friday is here already. It's been a hell of a week at work, and dammit, I need a weekend. (And this is coming from a girl who was only at work 4 days this week instead of the usual 5. Yikes!)

Today's FABULOUS GRAMMAR FRIDAY features one of my Favorite. Websites. EVER. I'm a sucker for fashion (case in point: yesterday, on a whim, I bought a Michael Kors top, an Ed Hardy shirt, and a BCBG blouse. Fashion whore, indeed!), and I love celebrity-related talk, so naturally,
Go Fug Yourself is one of my favorite excuses to procrastinate things to read.

The Fug Girls are exceptionally snarky, with a little cattiness, a lot of fashion sense, and oodles of good grammar mixed in. They'll occasionally make a typo or two, but the writing's so good that I'm willing to forgive them. No celebrity crime of fashion goes unpunished on Go Fug Yourself. Those girls can be merciless--hell, they remind me of myself when I'm making snarky, snide little comments about somebody's shitty grammar! Except they talk about fashion, not grammar--yet luckily they usually do so in a grammatically correct, well-written way. They're funny as hell, they know their designers, and I'm jealous that they have Intern George hanging around in their office.

Here are some of my favorite recent Go Fug Yourself posts:
* Sisterhood of the Traveling Fug
* Fugsha Thomason
* The Fug-Files
* 90210: The Fug Generation

Enjoy the weekend, kiddos. I'll be back on Monday with more misspelled, mispunctuated, homonymically-challenged goodies for you then!


Editrix said...

If I can't get the Fug girls to do "5 Questions with . . ." over at my blog, I'll kill myself. They are too freaking fab for words--make that too fugging fab. Between reading "Go Fug Yourself" and playing "Diner Dash," it's amazing I ever get any sleep.


It'll be awesome if they do your "5 Questions with..." feature! I know their answers would be so snarkily hilarious! :) What's this Diner Dash thing? (Not that I should really be asking about this, since I already get next to no sleep...)

Editrix said...

It's this completely inane video game that came with my computer, but I think you can play it online, too, if you Google around for it. The setup is this: you're a waitress, and you have to seat, take orders from, bring food to, and give checks to customers, and you must do these things quickly enough that they don't get mad and leave. I know this description doesn't make it sound at all fun. (What's next? "Dental Hygienist Dash"? "Telemarketer Mania"?) But somehow, whenever I sit down to play one game--just ONE GAME, really; I MEAN IT this time--I end up playing four, five, six . . .


Hahaha...just one game, huh? Sounds like when I sit down to read "just one page" of Defamer or Perez, or when I go into Sephora "just to look, not to buy anything"... :)