Friday, August 22, 2008


Apostrophe errors...they're everywhere! Running rampant! They multiply within sentences! It's an epi-fucking-demic!

Even people who think they're good writers--like in the snippet above--can become stricken with apostrophe-itis! Eek! Luckily, there are folks like BECKY, from Apostrophe Catastrophes, and BETH, from Apostrophism, who fight the good fight against apostrophe misuse. Kudos to these ladies for their fine blogs about one of the most misused pieces of punctuation ever. Red Pen, Inc. salutes you both for kickin' ass, takin' names, and mocking and/or trying to straighten out anything that's apostrophe-challenged. (Yes, these ladies have whole blogs on apostrophes--and why not, right? There are zillions of mockable apostrophe errors out there. They never lack for material, I'll say that much!)

Thanks to JEFF for the top picture and MAGGIE for the bottom picture featured in today's Fabulous Grammar Friday!

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