Thursday, August 21, 2008

Befriend Red Pen, Inc. on your favorite social networking site!

People often ask me what I do when I'm not working on Red Pen, Inc. The obvious answer is that I'm either shopping for shoes or underwear, cheering on my BILFs or Phillies or any other baseball team I deem acceptable (due to the amount of attractive ballplayers on the team, of course), and causing mischief and/or mayhem in the great state of New York. The not-so-obvious answer is that sometimes I like to procrastinate with my writing 'cause I'm playing around on the Internets. And where do I go on the Internets, you ask? I go to social networking sites, of course*!

If you like them there new-fangled social networking sites, too, here's how you can find/and or "friend" me:

Click here to become a fan of Red Pen, Inc. on Facebook!

Click here for the Red Pen, Inc. MySpace page!

There's not too much at each of those pages yet, but there will be soon... Regardless, pop on over and say hello or "friend" Red Pen, Inc. :)

* When I'm not messing around on a social networking site, I'm usually catching up on my news and gossip, snickering at all the errors I see Perez and CNN make in their articles/posts. Tee-hee!


David said...

uhmm...I went to the myspace link but it said it is private and you must make me a friend before I can visit your site to ask to be your friend.

This is not going swimmingly.


Oops! That's fixed now, David--thanks for pointing it out!