Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TO/TOO/TWO TUESDAY for July 29, 2008

It's TO/TOO/TWO TUESDAY (albeit very late on Tuesday)! But it's never too late to sneak in mockery of a homonym error, right?

I see that this event features food and beer paring. Does that mean that if we go to this, we'll be..."removing [something] by or as if by cutting, clipping, or shaving"? That doesn't sound too exciting or appetizing. Plus, paring usually involves a sharp object. I'm kind of a klutz (case in point: my chiropractor had to more or less put my kneecaps back in place this weekend after I took yet another ungraceful fall in 5-inch heels). Needless to say, you don't wanna put a klutzy girl like me near sharp objects and alcohol at the same time--hell, a buzzed Grammarphile is bad enough, but a buzzed and paring Grammarphile? That's a recipe for disaster!


sinisterdan said...

When you they give you your beer, they slice a small bit of your ear off so that you don;t get over served.


Yikes! Is Hannibal Lecter the one serving the beer?