Tuesday, July 15, 2008

To/Too/Two Tuesday for July 15, 2008


It's the very first To/Too/Two-Tuesday post! Here's a homonym error (well, sort of--the two words in question don't sound exactly alike...) from my local supermarket. And here's a funny story as to how I got this picture...

I went to the grocery store to buy a couple small houseplants for my new apartment. As I walked toward the checkout aisles with a basket of plants in one hand and a dish of cacti in the other hand, I somehow tripped on something in my 5-inch heels, went flying a foot or two forward, landed on one foot, barely managed to avoid falling on my face, and almost took a tongue-in-cheek bow in front of the dozen or so onlookers who were watching my display of klutziness. (Amazingly, no plants got hurt during this little ordeal, and I didn't even get stuck by the cacti. That takes talent!) Anyway, I didn't want to get in line with any of the people who very nearly witnessed me falling on my face, so I wandered around the store (carefully) until the lines died down. In the meantime, I found this little gem in the frozen food aisle. Those goobers at my local grocery store are pretending they sell deserts when really, all that's in those big ol' freezers are frozen pies and cakes. Liars, I tell you!


Erik said...

Did you look behind the frozen cakes and pies? Maybe there was a small desert back there and it was just well-hidden. I think you owe it to the grocery store people to be thorough.


Haha...I didn't want to dig through the desserts to see if there was a desert behind 'em--with all the klutziness I'd already displayed in the grocery store, I was afraid what would happen! With my luck, the entire contents of the freezer would have spilled out and landed on me! :)