Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Spelling errors--two for the price of one!

What the hell is a marshmellow, anyway? A soft, sugary treat that's really, really chill?

And then there's dear, sweet Shoe (naming a pet Shoe is almost as ridiculous as naming your kid Sunday Rose), who is full of "lovein'." Sigh. Just...sigh. (I guess the good news is that at least Shoe's owner used the apostrophe correctly...)

Thanks to KIM, our fabulous WEST COAST CORRESPONDENT, for snapping these pictures!


JD said...

Well, 'marshmellow' gets 780,000 hits in Google - so whatever it is, it's rather popular!

THE GRAMMARPHILE said... *that many people* can't spell, huh? I guess the good news about that is that I'll never run out of spelling mistakes to use on this site!