Thursday, July 24, 2008

So some Yahoo decided to dangle a preposition...

I don't usually jump all over folks who dangle prepositions at the ends of sentences. I realize that a lot of the time, it sounds less awkward to drop the preposition at the end of a sentence than it would sound if you reworked the entire sentence to be grammatically correct and not ending in a preposition--which often makes sentences sound stuffy (correct, of course, but awkward-sounding).

However, this is an exception. Here the dangling preposition makes the sentence sound reeeeeealllllly weird. Perhaps the fact that there are better prepositions they could have used in this sentence is componunding the problem. If they'd said "Please log into the account for which you are trying to verify this email address," I think that would have sounded fine--correct, not too stuffy, and certainly not too screwy. But instead, they dangled the preposition, which results in (at least in my case) having to re-read the sentence a couple of times...because my initial reaction was "huh?!?" Sigh.

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