Sunday, July 20, 2008

Red penning something other than bad grammar...

Usually when I wield my red pen, I don't go after things that are unrelated to grammar. Finally, though, there's a reason for an exception.

WTF is that? That...scruff? That rubbish that mars the otherwise beautiful face of Cole Hamels? I nearly screamed when I went to and saw this picture there. Cole Hamels is gorgeous. He might very well be be the best-looking baseball player currently in the game. And then he goes and defaces his beautiful face with that scruff. In return, I had to take my red pen to that scruff couldn't look much worse than it already does, right? What's a little red pen between a grammar/baseball fiend and her favorite pitcher, right?

Hamels, who do you think you are, Jack from Lost? You're sporting about the same amount of stubbly scruff Jack always has on his face, but the difference is that he's on an island in the middle of nowhere with no access to things like fresh razors, so he's got an excuse. You? No excuse, Cole. None whatsoever. And please, please clean up your pretty face before the evening of Monday, July 28. That's when I'll be meeting you again, and taking a picture with you, and telling you that you're the best goddamn pitcher on my fantasy baseball team. Notice I said I will be meeting and taking a picture with you, not you and your scruff. Please, for the love of all that is BILFalicious, descruffify yourself in the next 7 days, Cole. Please do not turn that thing on your chin into (gasp!) a full-fledged beard or something. I will cry. You don't want to make me cry, do you, Cole? I didn't think so. So how 'bout you just show up to the Phillies Phestival next week lookin' like this...?


Marilyn said...

Some faces need a beard so you don't gag looking at them. You're right about this one though. Why hide perfection with facial scruff?


Marilyn, you're so right...perfection, indeed (when he's scruff-free, that is)! :)