Sunday, July 13, 2008

New features on Red Pen, Inc!

It's been a little while since I've done anything different with Red Pen, Inc., so I've decided to add a couple new features to the site! Starting this week, you'll see all of these new features interspersed with all the regular RPI postings...

Mondays always suck, so we're gonna start your week off with the brand-spankin'-new MISSPELLING MONDAYS feature...because as long as the weekend has ended and your sucky work week has begun, you may as well laugh at the misspellings made by people who suck way more than Mondays do!

Tuesdays are now gonna feature a daily TO/TOO/TWO-TUESDAY (do you have ANY idea how hard that is to type? It's like a tongue twister for your computer keyboard...) posting. That's right, each Tuesday you'll find me mocking homonym errors. As if I didn't do enough of that already...but now I'm devoting a special day to it.

Speaking of brand-spankin'-new, the weekly Wednesday feature is HUMP DAY GRAMMAR...bad grammar found in sex-related articles. I'll try to keep 'em relatively safe for work for the most part, but I've already collected a few Hump Day Grammar pieces that may be a teensy bit shocking to those of you who might be vanilla vestal virgins (ooh, alliteration!). You've been warned!

And finally, on Fridays you'll get to check out the FABULOUS GRAMMAR FRIDAYS feature, where (gasp!) I'll actually highlight a website whose grammar consistently makes me smile instead of sneer. I even have a snazzy little Grammarphile Seal of Approval that I'm awarding to each site I feature in Fabulous Grammar Friday posts! (Kudos to ERIK over at for this idea!)

If you have any articles/pictures/links/etc containing misspellings, homonym errors, or sex-related bad grammar, send 'em to me so I can include them in these new features! And if you know of any sites that consistently feature excellent writing, please send me their URLs!

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