Monday, July 21, 2008

MISSPELLING MONDAY for July 21, 2008

This might be the grossest and most random piece of (what looks to be) a college paper that I have ever read...and that says a lot, since editing college papers used to be an actual job of mine. And I don't dispute the fact that was the paper says is inappropriate, but if you're going to say that, could you maybe not misspell the phrase "not appropriate"?

Thanks to KIM, our West Coast Correspondent, for sending in this one!

I hope everyone's Monday is way less shitty than the topic of this paper! :)


mandyannemurray said...

Yikes. I'm sincerely glad I never had to write a paper on whatever that subject was.

I have to ask: Team Edward or Team Jacob? :)


I second you on that one, Mandy!

Haha, both Edward and Jacob are too damn clingy for my own personal tastes, but if I had to choose, I'd choose Edward 'cause I think vampires are cooler than werewolves! What about you? :)

mandyannemurray said...

I have to admit I'm on Team Edward.

The hopeless romantic in me falls harder than the pragmatist every time. ;)


Awww! :) Excited for the new book to come out later this week? I sure am!