Monday, July 7, 2008

Is it chicken, fish...or just mediocre writing?

Okay, so this one's not wrong, exactly...but it could be written much less awkwardly. On Friday, my co-workers and I were brainstorming the many different ways this could have been written to sound slightly less retarded. "Jessica Simpson now an unexpected country star" was the favored "improved" version of this headline.

There's definitely a mistake here, though...and it's a sin way worse than just awkward writing. There's a capital letter immediately after this semicolon (which would only be acceptable if the first word right after the semicolon was a proper noun)! Bad, bad, bad! Semicolon misuse/abuse is a huuuuuuge pet peeve of mine. I think I actually shuddered when I saw this!


JD said...

If it really is surprising, surely there's no need to use the word 'surprising'. Why not:

Jessica Simpson now a country star


Very true. (Sometimes the simplest way to say something is the best and most accurate way!)