Wednesday, July 30, 2008

HUMP DAY GRAMMAR for July 30, 2008

It's Wednesday--HUMP DAY! Only a couple more days until the weekend...thank goodness. I almost need a weekend to rest up from the last weekend I had--meeting cute baseball players, screaming my head off at a baseball game, etc.

So today we're dealing with something more intense than just the Mile-High Club...'cause they're up way, way, way higher than an airplane would be. (The Out of This World-High Club? The Stratosphere High Club? Whatever...) Astronauts! Doing it! In space! Up waaaayyyy high in the sky! And speaking of high...well, whoever wrote the opening paragraph of this article had to have been high. And not in the getting-laid-among-the-stars sort of way, either. Like actually high. Otherwise, there's really no excuse for that atrocious grammar.

Happy humpin'--er, happy Hump Day, everyone! ;)


damon said...

Of course they do it.
Haven't you ever heard of them having some 'tang'?


Good one, Damon! Here's hoping that 'tang of theirs isn't too freeze-dried...