Friday, July 25, 2008

FABULOUS (in this case, Faburous?) GRAMMAR FRIDAY for July 25, 2008

Oh, thank goodness it's finally Fabulous Grammar Friday!

So there's a site I've been reading for years called It's freakin' hilarious (or is that hi-rar-ious?). The site's writer gets (and gives his audience) a good giggle over photos showing what sometimes happens when our native Japanese friends attempt to write in English. But the writer only mocks gently--it's all in good fun. There are plenty of people out there who snidely mock non-native English speakers trying to write/speak English, but this site doesn't succumb to that kind of nastiness. is good, (mostly) clean fun. The site's writer doesn't write too much (the pictures often speak for themselves...and boy, do they speak loudly sometimes, haha!), but when he does write, his grammar is always good. His captions are usually pretty amusing, and he finds and posts some of the funniest grammar/spelling goof-ups I've ever seen. Keep checking the Recent Discoveries portion of the site--this site posts new stuff fairly often. Don't miss the Snacks, Toiletries, and Adult Engrish sections of the site--they're good for a lot of laughs (raughs?)!

Happy Friday, you guys! Go cerebrate with a pina corada, Mirrer Rite, or whatever your favorite poison might be!


TootsNYC said...

One thing that occurs a lot is the use of the word "fuck" in strange places.

According to my reading over at Language Log, this comes from the fact that several translation programs or dictionaries list "fuck" as a synonym for "make" or "do."

We use "make" or "do" as synonyms for "fuck" here in the U.S., but not the other way around. This subtlety is lost in the compilation of the reference material used.


Ha! Thanks, Toots. I've seen a lot of instances of the F-bomb showing up in English phrases on Japanese clothing/packaging/etc (at and even sometimes at in places where I was pretty sure they didn't really want to use the your explanation makes this type of mistake make more sense!